Eve Market Deals Updates

Faster Updates

The majority of feedback I receive is that Eve Market Deals (EMD) takes too long to update. Well, good news capsuleer, it’s a lot faster now!

First, Digital Ocean, which currently hosts EMD, introduced new Premium Droplets. Specifically, they now support NVMe. This new type of disk decreased the time it takes to download Eve Online market data and perform analysis from about 30 to 40 minutes to about 20 minutes.

Second, up until recently, EMD would download Eve Online market data, and then perform analysis, repeating again, and again. Because of the new disk, EMD can download new market data while simultaneously analyzing the previous data. This ultimately means faster and more frequent updates to market data.

Furthermore, recent updates to EMD include additional information about average and best buy or sell prices by item. My intention is to make this information useful for potential Station / Region trading by identifying when the spread between buy and sell orders is sufficiently large enough to profit. A new post will go into more detail.

Eve Market Deals EVE Online

Bulk Items

Eve Market Deals now supports bulk items. If an item is not profitable as single volume order, it considers the volume remaining on the sell order and tries to match a corresponding buy order with at least the same volume. If there is a match and that item is more than 1M ISK profitable, it is now considered a deal.

Atrons individually don’t make much of a profit, but in higher volumes, they are a great potential deal, assuming you have a hauler large enough to move them.

However, if bulk items are not interesting to you, they can be filtered out in both the Android and web app.

EVE Online

How does Eve Market Deals work?

An Eve Market Deal (EMD) is any Eve Online item or bulk items selling for less than the highest buyer where there is potential profit. To find these deals, EMD performs the following every thirty minutes:

  • Download and ingest Eve Online market data by each region
  • Analyze market data by matching each sell order to potential buy orders and determine if there is at least 1M ISK profit after taxes assuming best Accounting and Brokerage Skills.
  • Publish market data that can be consumed by both the Android and web app, and send notifications to capsuleers.

Download and Ingest Market Data

Using ESI, for each region in Eve Online, download all the market data for that region while indexing each order to an Elasticsearch instance. On average this takes about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, data that was ingested early on is already stale by the time we get to the next analysis step. Thus, EMD ingests the major trade hubs, like Jita, Amarr, Rens, and Hek last to ensure that we at least have recent data when comparing orders. Another challenge is that orders found at the major trade hubs don’t last long but also potentially the bests deals.

Analyze Market Data

There are about 1.2 million market orders on average across New Eden, and about 14 thousand different items available on the market. For each item’s market orders, EMD searches for types that have a lower selling price than the highest buy order. If the difference is more than the selling price, it is a potentially profitable item. On average, there are about 2600 potentially profitable types on the market.

To get the best deals, EMD analyzes 6 different markets:

  • High, Low, and Null Security without Citadels
  • High, Low, and Null Security with some Citadels that are public and have known names.

For high sec market orders, EMD checks the route between each sell and buy order’s system, if it not secure, meaning at some point a capsuleer would need to travel into low or null security space, then the market order is placed in low or null security markets based on the security of the system originating the orders.

Publish Eve Market Deals

Based on this analysis, EMD then creates six corresponding csv files that are published on and is also available to Eve Market Deals Android application. Capsuleers can either utilize the web or Android to filter deals to find deals that best suite their interest.

To help determine if a deal is right for them, EMD scores each deal and also provides a list of public market orders for that type spanning across New Eden.

Eve Market Deals Score

The scoring algorithm is completely arbitrary but the goal is to find orders sold below-average price when there are average priced buy orders available at major trade hubs. Another purpose for the scoring system was to avoid less obvious scams.

The EMD scoring algorithm written in python to determine the score of a given deal

Starting from a score of 2, penalize deals where the sell orders are sparse. Sparse sell orders are a potential avenue for trading scams because its difficult to calculate a reasonable average price for the deal, and also because a scammer can set up buy orders with a minimum volume greater than items available on the market.

Trying to find a buyer for an item? Chances are if there are any available buy orders, there will be orders available in Jita. Thus, we reward buy orders originating from Jita. However, if there is a good deal selling from Jita to some obscure system, its possible by the time item is purchased, and hauled to that system, that order will be long gone. We penalize orders selling from Jita in that case.

Following similar reasoning, EMD penalizes sell orders that originate from major trade hubs and, rewards orders destined for major trade hubs. Furthermore, EMD rewards items sold outside of the major trade hubs. Lastly, for really big deals, we just flat out mark it as a bad deal because they are risky even if it’s a good deal.

An example of an awesome deal.

Top deals won’t last long and with this app, hopefully, even obscure deals will be discovered and traded earning ISK.

Eve Market Deals EVE Online Software Development

Eve Market Deals Released

I started playing Eve Online off and on since 2012. When playing, my capsuleer sometimes mines ore from a distant asteroid belt and those raw materials are in turn used to create internet space ships, modules, ammo, and lots of other items in the game. Those items can be destroyed in-game creating a vibrant player-driven market.

Other players are willing to pay someone to move items from one region of space to another and I found myself moonlighting as space ship trucker. I was doing this for a while when I realized that while moving goods for other players, that sometimes a region I am visiting is selling these market items for less than someone is willing to buy them for in another region.

I started to search for these deals, watching out for margin trade scammers and other bad deals. I needed a tool to help find these deals and CCP graciously provides an API to access market information to help 3rd party developers create tools outside of the game.

During my free time, I took it upon myself to start writing a tool to gather Eve Online’s market data, searching for deals. It was also an opportunity to explore learning Java, the Android SDK, and the process to get an app approved on the Google Play Store.

A screenshot of Eve Market Deals on Android

After months of writing the back end code in python, and the Android application to display that information, I created my first Android application Eve Market Deals!

I hope others find it as useful as I do. I intend to continue developing it adding features and exploring more ideas.