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Faster Updates

The majority of feedback I receive is that Eve Market Deals (EMD) takes too long to update. Well, good news capsuleer, it’s a lot faster now!

First, Digital Ocean, which currently hosts EMD, introduced new Premium Droplets. Specifically, they now support NVMe. This new type of disk decreased the time it takes to download Eve Online market data and perform analysis from about 30 to 40 minutes to about 20 minutes.

Second, up until recently, EMD would download Eve Online market data, and then perform analysis, repeating again, and again. Because of the new disk, EMD can download new market data while simultaneously analyzing the previous data. This ultimately means faster and more frequent updates to market data.

Furthermore, recent updates to EMD include additional information about average and best buy or sell prices by item. My intention is to make this information useful for potential Station / Region trading by identifying when the spread between buy and sell orders is sufficiently large enough to profit. A new post will go into more detail.

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Okay, First and Foremost: THANK YOU! Yah, your site is GREAT. I have some programming background and I’d like to make my own Excel sheet someday, but in the meantime, this works well.

Also, I’m NOT trying to get published, I just have some suggestions that might improve some of your pages. I do things like opening multiple tabs to the same page to work around some of this stuff, but some of these slight changes could be helpful to all…

Market Page:
– offer exclusive (as well as the already inclusive) search
(i.e. exclusive: “grade omega” ONLY brings up results with BOTH terms included in the item name.)
– keep “Search Box” on the page as it scrolls down. (this is a “would be nice” item.)

Deals page:
– include “Dataset Stamp” ™ (that date/time number) of when deal first showed up. This helps to tell how long the proposed deal has been lingering.
– display “Volume” of single items, as well. I sometimes fly a small ship and I have to look up some single items to see if they will fit (Capital items) – annoying. Since you seem to be capturing it anyway, just display it for all items.
– ability to keep “ingest/analysis” progress on page as we scroll down. (Another “would be nice” as an option to be able to see when an update is available.)
– expand filtering to also filter out ships. Sometimes I’m flying that smaller ship and I KNOW I can’t fit a ship in my hold, so the ship deals just get in the way. (in general, this can also be accomplished by allowing users to filter on volume — but I ask too much!!) 😉

– include Dataset Stamp (option?)
– include citadel/region/station names (option?)
– include volume (option?)

Thanks for listening. I hope this ONLY comes across as constructive criticism – like I said, I really enjoy the site. Thanks again.

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