Eve Market Deals EVE Online Updates

Updated Taxes and Accounting Skills

Both Eve Market Deals website and Android application now takes into consideration increased taxes when selling directly to a buy order after recent tax relief from CCP. For more information, please see Restructuring Taxes After Relief.

Furthermore, capsuleers can now select their Accounting Skills, from Level I to Level V, or not trained; and taxes are reduced accordingly by your trained Account Skill.

Simply select your accounting skills, and Eve Market Deals will calculate taxes and potential profit based on those skills. The base tax is 8% and reduced by 11% per Account Skill level.

For example, assuming Accounting Skills Level V, taxes will be withheld at 3.6%.

However, if Accounting Skills are not trained, taxes withheld will be 8%, reducing the potential profit by about 9.3M ISK.

Lastly, Eve Market Deals assumes the best tax rate when searching for the best deals. By default, the best tax was increased from 2.5% to 3.6%. Only potential deals that are profitable with the new higher tax are considered.