Einherji I

Top Regions Vol
Total 11.5K
Essence 173
450.0K isk
4.8M isk
450.0K isk
4.4M isk
Profit Margin 3.9M isk 3.5M isk
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Type: Light Fighter Role: Attack Description: The Einherji is a general purpose attack craft. Autocannon: This weapon-system does significant damage. However the short barrel length hurts its accuracy against small, fast moving targets. Microwarpdrive: Giving a significant speed boost at the cost of higher signature radius. The Microwarpdrive has a long cool-down cycle between uses. Heavy Rocket Salvo: A simplified, significantly shorter ranged version of starship launched Heavy Missiles

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.2 Aeschee - Essence 20/53 region 4.4M isk
0.2 Aeschee - Essence 20/20 region 4.5M isk
0.4 Parts - Essence 4/4 region 4.5M isk
0.4 Yvangier - Essence 1/1 region 4.5M isk
0.2 Aeschee - Essence 10/12 region 4.5M isk
0.3 Fliet - Essence 5/5 region 5.0M isk
0.2 Aeschee - Essence 83/83 region 5.0M isk
0.5 Villore - Essence 20/20 region 6.0M isk