Siege Module II

Average Price 131.1M isk
Top Regions Vol
Total 8.0M
The Forge 162
Domain 21
Metropolis 111
Derelik 14
Lonetrek 22
Heimatar 109
Delve 3
Insmother 2
Sinq Laison 5
Solitude 1.0M

An electronic interface designed to augment and enhance a dreadnought's siege warfare abilities. Through a series of electromagnetic polarity field shifts, the siege module diverts energy from the ship's propulsion and warp systems to lend additional power to its offensive and defensive capabilities. This results in a tremendous increase in damage, as well as a greatly increased rate of defensive self-sustenance. Defensive benefits include improved self-repair and shield boosting effectiveness, as well as increased resistance to most forms of electronic warfare. As a side effect of the ionic field created by the siege module, beneficial remote repair and capacitor transfer effects are ineffective against the fitted ship while the module is active. In addition, the lack of power to locomotion systems means that neither standard propulsion nor warp travel are available to the ship nor are you allowed to dock until out of siege mode. Notes: - A siege module requires Strontium clathrates to run and operate effectively. - Bonuses to the Shield Booster amount and duration are only applied to Capital sized boosters. - Bonuses to the Armor Repairer amount and duration are only applied to Capital sized repairers. - Only one siege module can be fitted to a dreadnought class ship. The increased shield boosting and armor repairing gained from the Siege Module is subject to a stacking penalty when used with other similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
-0.1 X-7OMU - Pure Blind 4/4 region 125.0M isk
-0.3 DSS-EZ - Stain 1/1 region 145.0M isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 3/16 region 145.0M isk
-0.0 G-0Q86 - Curse 1/1 region 150.0M isk
0.5 Thiarer - Derelik 2/2 region 175.0M isk
0.1 Misaba - Domain 3/3 region 187.0M isk
0.9 Dodixie - Sinq Laison 2/2 region 189.5M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 2/2 region 194.8M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 2/2 region 195.0M isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 1/1 region 195.0M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/1 region 234.7M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/2 region 234.8M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 8/12 region 235.0M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 10/10 region 240.0M isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 1/1 region 267.6M isk