'Crop' Gas Cloud Harvester

Top Regions Vol
Total 224
The Forge 32
Heimatar 12
Everyshore 7
Metropolis 12
Domain 2
Khanid 2
Curse 1
Lonetrek 1
Tash-Murkon 1
Stain 1

Originally invented and supplied by the pirate organizations of New Eden, the 'Crop' and ‘Plow' Gas Cloud Harvesters once stood as the most advanced pieces of harvesting equipment available. Although they did not offer any improvement in their harvesting yield, the CPU reduction was valued by many who otherwise struggled to fit a full rack of harvesters to cruiser-class vessels. This one small improvement set the two harvesters above the standard, Tech I variant for many years. All that changed however when new, stable wormholes began proliferating across the cluster. As soon as the wormholes were discovered, so too, were the giant gas cloud pockets within the unknown systems they linked to. In a single day, the demand for Tech II Gas Cloud Harvested exploded. Research projects were hastily established and grants hurriedly thrown out to the most promising firms pursuing a redesign. It was only a few days before a breakthrough was made, and the mighty ‘Crop' and ‘Plow' variants soon took second place to a superior Tech II counterpart that vastly increased the harvesting yield.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.9 Jita - The Forge 2/2 region 59.4M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/1 region 59.5M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/1 region 59.9M isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 1/1 region 99.0M isk
0.9 Agil - Khanid 1/1 region 99.0M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 2/2 region 99.6M isk
0.8 Tash-Murkon Prime - Tash-Murkon 1/1 region 121.0M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/4 region 121.1M isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 1/1 region 129.0M isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1/1 region 133.9M isk
0.8 Tar - Genesis 2/5 region 176.5M isk
0.7 Halle - Everyshore 3/4 region 276.0M isk
0.7 Halle - Everyshore 4/4 region 476.5M isk