Vivid Hemorphite

Average Price 456.7 isk
Top Regions Vol
Total 112.6M
The Forge 636.6K
Sinq Laison 43.5K
Domain 506.8K
Heimatar 1.2M
Placid 23.0K
Lonetrek 102.0M
Tash-Murkon 106.5K
Khanid 124.7K
Essence 197.6K
Genesis 3.3K

Hemorphite exists in many different color variations. Interestingly, the more colorful it becomes, the better yield it has. Vivid hemorphite has 5% better yield than its more bland brother. With a large portion of Nocxium, hemorphite is always a good find. It is common enough that even novice miners can expect to run into it. Hemorphite also has some amount of Isogen. Available primarily in low security status star systems.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.4 Ahbazon - Genesis 82/9.5K region 622.3 isk
0.5 Audaerne - Sinq Laison 2.8K/2.8K region 1.0K isk
0.8 Clellinon - Verge Vendor 113/113 region 2.0K isk
0.6 Raneilles - Verge Vendor 5.4K/5.4K region 2.4K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 41/41 region 2.5K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1.6K/1.8K region 2.5K isk
0.9 Dodixie - Sinq Laison 2.1K/2.1K region 2.5K isk
0.7 Attyn - Essence 16/1.5K region 2.5K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 265/370 region 2.6K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 5.1K/5.4K region 2.6K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 5.3K/5.3K region 2.7K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 5.4K/5.4K region 2.7K isk
0.6 Juddi - Derelik 95/95 region 3.0K isk
0.8 Tidacha - Derelik 68/68 region 3.0K isk
0.9 Pasha - Tash-Murkon 824/824 region 3.0K isk
0.2 Grispire - Placid 1.6K/1.6K region 3.0K isk
0.6 Arant - Essence 66/1.7K region 3.0K isk
0.6 Lour - Solitude 89/89 region 3.2K isk
-0.1 E02-IK - Great Wildlands 60/60 region 3.2K isk
0.2 Intaki - Placid 23/23 region 3.2K isk
0.4 Ami - Kor-Azor 1.6K/1.6K region 3.2K isk
0.9 Vittenyn - Sinq Laison 35.0K/35.0K region 3.3K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 7.0K/7.0K region 9.9K isk