Triglavian Transconduit Datacaster

Top Regions Vol
Total 229.1K
The Forge 110.0K
Domain 5.6K
Heimatar 24.6K
Sinq Laison 9.7K
Metropolis 21.7K
Genesis 10.0K
Verge Vendor 11.0K
Lonetrek 1.7K
Everyshore 19.9K
Derelik 9.9K

This device was recovered from the wreck of a Triglavian Collective invasion vessel and is a powerful data transmission device using technology that interacts with Triglavian conduits. The ability of the Transconduit Datacaster to establish communication through conduits would evidently be essential to Triglavian operations. Like many Triglavian devices this technology includes integrated data storage. EDENCOM Intelligence is very keen to acquire these devices and assess their integrated storage so as to evaluate Triglavian movements and activities. The DED is collecting the items on behalf of EDENCOM in exchange for technology sanctioned for release to anti-Triglavian capsuleers through its loyalty store.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.9 Dodixie - Sinq Laison 154/164 region 345.0K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 24/24 region 349.0K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 1.1K/1.1K region 350.0K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 52/450 region 350.0K isk
0.9 Dodixie - Sinq Laison 500/500 region 350.0K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 494/494 region 363.7K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 345/345 region 363.8K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 176/176 region 364.9K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 541/541 region 365.0K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 472/472 region 368.0K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1.6K/1.6K region 368.7K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 8.9K/8.9K region 368.8K isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 2.0K/2.0K region 389.0K isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 799/1000 region 399.9K isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 68/68 region 399.9K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 10.0K/10.0K region 450.0K isk
0.7 Abudban - Heimatar 399/399 region 650.0K isk
0.5 Tarta - Genesis 8.1K/8.2K region 700.0K isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 10/10 region 800.0K isk
0.9 Eystur - Heimatar 1/1 region 800.0K isk
0.5 Tarta - Genesis 896/896 region 800.0K isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 88/88 region 809.8K isk
0.8 Scolluzer - Verge Vendor 98/98 region 995.0K isk