Brimful Sylvite

Top Regions Vol
Total 2.8M
Domain 18.2K
The Forge 227.7K
Metropolis 101.4K
Heimatar 33.4K
Verge Vendor 18.5K
Sinq Laison 99.2K
Placid 1.0M
Delve 27.2K
Essence 108.3K
Kor-Azor 50.0K

When chunks of ore mined out of moons yield above-average densities of Sylvite, the ore is called Brimful Sylvite and reprocessing returns approximately 15% higher quantities of useful material. A ubiquitous ore commercially mined from moons, Sylvite is very useful as it yields good quantities of Evaporite Deposits used as basic elements of some advanced materials. Sylvite ores will also yield Mexallon and Pyerite.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.6 Riavayed - Devoid 33/33 region 14.9 isk
0.5 Keproh - Kor-Azor 90/90 region 15.0 isk
0.5 Jufvitte - Verge Vendor 48/48 region 1.1K isk
0.5 Atgur - Heimatar 2.4K/3.8K region 1.5K isk
0.1 Misaba - Domain 248/248 region 1.6K isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 2.0K/2.0K region 2.0K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 56/56 region 2.3K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 150/150 region 2.3K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 21/75 region 2.4K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 1.7K/1.7K region 2.4K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 301/301 region 2.4K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 1.3K/1.3K region 2.4K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 8.4K/8.4K region 2.4K isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 3.7K/3.7K region 3.8K isk
0.5 Agal - Genesis 12.8K/12.8K region 7.2K isk
1.0 Amarr - Domain 60/60 region 10.0K isk