Top Regions Vol
Total 6.5M
The Forge 1.2M
Domain 308.4K
Sinq Laison 129.7K
Genesis 120.0K
Heimatar 154.9K
Metropolis 64.4K
Khanid 20.7K
Derelik 989.6K
Tash-Murkon 2.1M
Delve 171.0K

A ubiquitous ore commercially mined from moons, Sylvite is very useful as it yields good quantities of Evaporite Deposits used as basic elements of some advanced materials. Sylvite ores will also yield Mexallon and Pyerite.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.3 Odebeinn - Metropolis 87/87 region 165.1 isk
0.8 Kiereend - Derelik 1.1K/1.1K region 1.2K isk
0.2 Akkio - The Forge 2.7K/2.7K region 1.4K isk
0.5 Parses - Khanid 1.4K/1.4K region 1.5K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 1.2K/1.2K region 2.0K isk
0.7 Badivefi - Khanid 18.3K/18.3K region 2.0K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 3.9K/3.9K region 2.1K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 3.7K/3.7K region 2.1K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 3.6K/3.6K region 2.1K isk
0.6 Josameto - The Forge 30/30 region 2.2K isk
0.9 Jita - The Forge 63.1K/63.2K region 2.7K isk
0.1 Misaba - Domain 42/42 region 5.0K isk