Dense Veldspar

Average Price 11.4 isk
Top Regions Vol
Total 1562.7M
The Citadel 75.1M
9.2 isk
11.2 isk
11.6 isk
8.5 isk
Profit Margin Average Regional Best Best
0.9 isk -3.9 isk
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In asteroids above average size, the intense pressure can weld normal veldspar into what is known as dense veldspar, increasing the yield by 10%. Veldspar is the most common ore type in the central regions of known universe. It is still in constant demand as it holds a large portion of the much-used Tritanium mineral. Available primarily in high security status star systems.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.6 Ikao - The Citadel 48/1.2K region 8.5 isk
0.5 Oshaima - The Citadel 78/78 region 10.0 isk
0.8 Inaro - The Citadel 47.1K/47.1K region 10.0 isk
0.7 Oiniken - The Citadel 396.6K/396.6K region 10.2 isk
0.7 Anttiri - The Citadel 41.4K/41.4K region 11.5 isk
0.9 Hatakani - The Citadel 25.2K/25.2K region 12.5 isk
0.8 Kusomonmon - The Citadel 5.0M/5.0M region 13.5 isk
0.6 Hogimo - The Citadel 50.0K/50.0K region 13.5 isk