Station Warehouse Container

Average Price 1.7M isk
Top Regions Vol
Total 15.5K
Metropolis 10.4K
1.0 isk
3.3M isk
1.0 isk
500.0K isk
Profit Margin Average Regional Best Best
3.0M isk 450.0K isk
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This is a Station Warehouse Container. It is fitted with a password-protected security lock and computerized inventory auditing. Although the construction of a Station Warehouse Container is much like that of other Cargo Containers a Station Warehouse Container is far too big to fit in a ship's cargo hold and is only used for storage and inventory management at stations.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.3 Odebeinn - Metropolis 110/113 region 500.0K isk
0.4 Konora - Metropolis 57/57 region 900.0K isk
0.3 Odebeinn - Metropolis 1/1 region 1.0M isk
0.3 Odebeinn - Metropolis 3/3 region 1.0M isk
0.9 Illuin - Metropolis 8/13 region 1.2M isk
0.7 Hotrardik - Metropolis 19/19 region 1.3M isk
0.6 Eldjaerin - Metropolis 9/13 region 1.7M isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 100/100 region 4.8M isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 83/100 region 5.0M isk
0.8 Maturat - Metropolis 7/8 region 5.0M isk
0.3 Odebeinn - Metropolis 2/2 region 5.0M isk
0.5 Hek - Metropolis 1/1 region 12.0M isk