Station Warehouse Container

Average Price 1.7M isk
Top Regions Vol
Total 15.5K
Heimatar 173
551.8K isk
1.8M isk
2.0M isk
950.1K isk
Profit Margin Average Regional Best Best
1.0M isk -1.1M isk
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This is a Station Warehouse Container. It is fitted with a password-protected security lock and computerized inventory auditing. Although the construction of a Station Warehouse Container is much like that of other Cargo Containers a Station Warehouse Container is far too big to fit in a ship's cargo hold and is only used for storage and inventory management at stations.

Sec Solar System - Region Orders Range Price
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 2/4 region 950.1K isk
0.7 Abudban - Heimatar 4/8 region 980.0K isk
0.6 Eddar - Heimatar 8/8 region 1.2M isk
0.3 Hrondedir - Heimatar 9/9 region 1.2M isk
0.8 Frarn - Heimatar 9/10 region 1.5M isk
0.7 Abudban - Heimatar 3/3 region 1.9M isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 7/7 region 2.5M isk
0.9 Rens - Heimatar 6/10 region 2.5M isk
1.0 Onga - Heimatar 1/2 region 3.0M isk